Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Writing In Third Grade

We've begun writing in our third grade classroom and to my delight, my students are way into it!
We have set up our writing notebooks and writing offices and students are loving their Quiet 10. To my surprise, no one yet has said they can't think of anything to write about. I begin our writing block with a writing mini lesson and right now we're working on learning how to write a well formed paragraph. I'll share more on that soon! I'm just about ready to change out our writing board and put new pieces up. I have formatted the board with a special spot reserved for each student. We will change out their writing to showcase their favorite work. For the first sample I just put up their "Glad to be in Grade Three" papers that they did on the first day of school. They were interesting to read and gave me insight into their personalities. Here are some examples and the page if you want it.

Glad to Be in Grade Three 0001


Heather and Travis said...

Love your blog! I teach fifth grade. Would love to know more about how you do writing, the writing "offices" and those awesome folders the students are using!!

meghan said...

I would definitely love to know how you are teaching how to write paragraphs. I'm so stuck when it comes to writing. I integrate it within all my subjects, but have so much trouble teaching skills like paragraph writing in isolation!

Shana Johnson said...

Heather took the words "write" out of my mouth! Love your blog and would love to know more about how you do writing, the writing "offices" and those awesome folders the students are using!!

Rachel said...

HI! I was looking at there pictures and noticed the little office folders. What all do you have on those folders. What a great idea!!

Lucia13 said...

IT'S A WONDERFUL IDEA,I'm gonna pin it!

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Mrs. L. Jordan said...

I just found your blog from pinterest and am a new follower. I am new to third grade and can't wait to learn more from you.

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Lisa said...

I am trying to print your Big "3" writing page for the first week of school. Is there any way to get it from teacher pay teacher? Every time I try to download it from the link above, it says I need to join for $9. Thanks!

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