Saturday, December 31, 2011

Poetry Station

Yikes! The holiday break is going by quickly! I'm starting to think about plans for next week. I'm planning for Lit Stations and coming up with some poetry to use. So I have some to share and I think I'll take this opportunity to answer some questions I've neglected to respond to. I'm no expert at any of it but here is what I do if you are interested.

How often do you do poetry? I introduce a poem about once a week. I usually do it as "Guess the Covered Word" (see previous post) which is a great way to review using context clues. Then students all get a copy which they glue into their journal. We chorally read it several times and perhaps add words from this poem in the Words to Know section of their reading journal. Sometimes we do: Actors and Reciters. This is where half the class reads it and the other half acts it out silently. Then we switch roles. My goal is to have them read it MULTIPLE times to develop that fluency. Kids just think it's fun and it allows them to get out of seats for a bit and be dramatic! Think of multiple intelligences!

What do you teach from the poem? Lots! Sometimes my grammar lesson comes directly from a poem. I can teach contractions, prefixes, suffixes, even comprehension skills like making inferences, drawing conclusions, etc. It becomes my Shared Reading time!

Where do you get poems from? All over! But I really try to have them fit what I'm teaching and many times they are content area specific. Sometimes I just google for a poem subject and usually have success.

What do kids do at the station? After we have used the poem in the whole group time it is ready for station work. When kids go to that station, they read the poem at least three times. Once with their partner, once with the earphones, and once by themselves. I have those amplifier microphones there too if they want those and can handle it! Then they illustrate their poem for meaning...I'm very picky about this part. It needs to be quality work and they are given a score for their illustration (1-5). The illustration shows meaning. They have learned that Mrs. Young loves captions and labels and often add those to their drawings. Finally they do the follow up sheet. They then do the follow up and do the search and finds etc. I also sneak some testing type questions in here. Plus it forces them to go back and reread again!
I also have other poetry books there so they can read more or collect some more for their poetry journal.

Here are two poems I will use next: The New Year's Poem fits so nicely with our study of fantasy/realism. We will add the words: distant and wondrous to our Words to Know section.

New Years Day Poem
Kids can relate to this one....text to self connections! This winter poem is great for teaching the -er suffix
Poem Winter Labels for the Poetry Journal if interested (:

Poetry Journal
Do you use poetry in your class? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comments and emails (even if I don't respond right away)!


YearntoLearn said...

I love your poetry response sheets. I'd love to see more for throughout the year. This makes me want to get poetry folders up and going.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Pat's Paper Passion said...

With the beginning of a new school year we're going to start a poetry notebook (spiral notebook) with a new poem a week. Our state puts a lot of emphasis on poetry and the literacy devices used in poems, on our state test...thanks for the push to get this started.

Happy New Year


A Time to Share & Create


Fabulous 4th Grade

Hannah said...

Thanks for the great poetry activities. I will definitely be using them.
I did notice a typo on the winter poem-elephant's should be elephants.

Doris Young said...

I'm so glad you found these useful! I think you will be surprised by how much teaching naturally fits into these poems. I am known for making typos yet this time I think the word "elephant's" is an understood possessive noun (elephant's legs). Good teaching point since I'm moving into teaching this type of noun!

Tulip and Turnip said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I also teach third grade, and I'm always looking for some fresh ideas. I can't wait to use these! :)

meghan said...

What an awesome idea. Your worksheet is so neatly done, and I could definitely see myself integrating something like this into my classroom weekly! I would love to see more for throughout the year as well!

Third Grade in the First State

Ali said...

I am a new follower of your blog! These poems are wonderful!! I do a poem each week with my 2nd graders! Thanks for sharing!


Ali said...

After I commented I was looking at your previous posts (since I am new to your blog) and I saw you have some other poems that you offered for freebies before. I tried to download them, but scribed will no longer let me since it has gone into the archive. Would you be willing to share those with me via email?

Thanks so much!


dlc said...

Thanks so much for sharing such great ideas. I am returning to the classroom after a few years of raising kiddies at home. Although some things are the same so many new things are out there !
I enjoy reading your blog for inspiration and reaching beyond the teacher's manual. ( Although I can't access it from work !)
If possible can you also send me the other poems you have used. I am unable to upload them from your blog.
If so my email is:

Cheesecakegal said...

I love the weekly poem idea, and the response activity that is associated! I used the "It's New Year's Day" poem with my students, and they enjoyed it! Thanks so much for sharing! I would definitely use others if you continue to post them. Thanks so much!

Abby said...

I love love love these! You should definitely share more of these, or put them in a TPT or TN store.

Fabulous stuff!

Abby @ Third Grade Bookworm

Doris Young said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm so happy to share them. I'll be coming back with more soon and will begin sharing them once a week since that is what I typically do with my kids. Check Back!(:

YearntoLearn said...

My class loved your poetry. Looking forward to when you post more like these! What a hit.

Yearn to Learn Blog

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